Sunday, 16 October 2011

All is fair in love and long as there is cake...there should ALWAYS be cake

So I'm rushing around like a mad thing but thought I'd take the time to update ya'll on my life and the craziness it now is.

The neighbours

You know, the ones who I went to war with over cat toileting and slug pellets, well the war is over and I won - or at least I think I did. They were having a party last night and we'd wished them happy birthday and all that, then a few hours later they knocked on the door and brought us slices of Birthday cake. They are now my new best friends. (I did leave the cake to one side for 30 see if D died after eating his piece) The cake is wonderful, it had three layers, one seemed to be soaked in orange booze, it had chocolate chips, sprinkles, butter cream filling, iced top, coconut sprinkles, those awesome candy metallic balls and well it was awesome.

The driving

My test is soon, after my conversation with my friend (I did NOT know I can fail for accidentally being in the wrong gear or slowing down too early) I am pretty certain I'm going to fail.

The business

I go to set up tomorrow, and it's forecast to be cold and snowing by the end of the week, oh that helps.
I also need to dress up for Halloween the following week, and now need to iron my bo peep costume, so there are two frustrating hours I'm never going to get back.

My life

I'm trying to assassinate myself,  I've already pretty much broken my toe and since then have repeatedly been taking swipes at my left-side, from walking into a post, banging my shoulder and arm on two shelves on two different days, walking into a pole, losing the ability to grab and dropping things in my left hand, I'm getting the feeling I'm trying to cleave myself in two.

That's all for now, I have a before picture of the stall but no after pic so I won't share it just yet!

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