Monday, 24 October 2011

It's a sad day when it's 4 degrees outside but your ice lolly melts before you can eat it

I have THE flu. Not the little kind, the big, 'I woke up at 3am feeling like someone had filed away my larynx' flu.
This is probably due to all my recent rushing around and would explain why, at the stall on Friday other market stall holders were asking me if I was cold and that maybe I should put a coat on, when I was BOILING in the frigid weather.
My temperature is so high my ice lolly (much needed to sooth my abused throat) is MELTING if I simply breathe out in it's general direction.
I'm not sure whether this flu has been brewing for a while or was bought on by my four vodka's and three games of pool last night (I rock, even the old guys at the bar told me so, I was making trick shots all over the place) followed by a walk home in what felt to me like the middle of summer.
I'm seriously hot today, and I feel so - let's be honest - whiny, I don't want to do the 30+ orders that have come through on-line.
If I do, I might just die! For reals! My brain hurts just trying to put words into straight lines that make sense. Don't make me do accounts and orders and writing envelopes and then walking to the post office and posting the envelopes. PLEASE.
People can wait an extra day for me to mail things, right? I mean Christmas is a while away, right?
*grumbles* FINE I'll go get my coat.

*please note now my business establishment is up and running, normal mon-thurs blogging will return*


  1. poor baby -- the hotness that comes with this version is the WORST! I had the air conditioner cranked so high the freezer freaked out and tried to start defrosting itself, while poor Chuckweasel and the kittehs huddled under blankets and I looked for a tank top!

  2. I have been waltzing around near nude (much to D's delight) complaining of the heat, today I'm boiling, then freezing, then boiling agin :(

  3. Oh dear. Finish essential paperwork then GO TO BED. Purr therapy for you - STAT.

  4. I never got to the post office, I stood and the blood rushed to my feet. I guess my customers shall simply need to be patient, I can't do more than I can physically manage.