Thursday, 28 February 2013

7 months old triplets, and still smiling! (17 weeks corrected)

 Oh how they grow!

Ayla, learning to turn pages
Gaius learning to sit-up and play

Zarek laughing at Mama and Mr. Chicken

It's hectic, tiring, but the best thing I have ever done. Gaius now wants nothing more than to try rocking or bouncing on your knee, Zarek just wants to stand all the time and looks completely delighted with himself, and with whomever is holding him up. Ayla finds the littlest things hysterical, I twirl in front of her and she's in stitches.
We now have favourite foods emerging, while all three will eat pretty much anything (except leek, but mama hates leek so whose judging!) Zarek loves apple with cinnamon and he loves potato too. Ayla loves parsnip...and the act of eating. Gaius has yet to have a favourite although he seems very keen on thicker foods and getting his hands into his mouth smearing food everywhere. Everyone loves weetabix.

Ayla has rolled over...once. But that's one whole time more than the boys! Everyone is having stints of sitting up unaided but none of them seem to realise they have the ability to move around for themselves. They sit in whatever position we place them, and then get frustrated when they have had enough. Everyone is trying to reach for things they can see close up, but no-one has realised they could, if they put their mind to it, have anything they see.
In short they are doing exactly what a four-month actual babies should be, and it's fantastic.

They enjoy our songs, story time has fallen by the wayside for more pro-active games or making them laugh, they all now love 'rough-housing' being bounced, thrown, jogged up and down, they laugh away with delight at just about everything, and they are not the only ones laughing!

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