Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The school house rocks

I came up with a new activity for the chiplets while browsing the 99p store. They have been increasingly interested in pictures so when I spied a chalkboard everything fell into place.
I figured they would enjoy maybe seeing me do 'magic' making pictures appear from nothing, or at the very least it would be a learning aid when trying to show then what things i don't have access to look like.

It was a hit at bedtime, not just because mama got a fun activity to do that wasn't just all baby talk!
And so I present to you....
'Holly's Academy for Triplets' (or HAT)


  1. You drew the wrong kind of holly!

  2. I did D for D then realised I was doing D for dada and I needed M for Mama! We are not going to be all new age and modern and have them call me "holly" lol