Saturday, 30 October 2010

undo .... dammit .... UNDO

Well today the war with electronics continued, I had a "hilarious" two hours of trying desperately to save the last four months of my businesses inventory from complete deletion.

Not. Funny.

I had just finished work for the day and decided to sort everything alphabetically (it's necessary, don't ask why.) Now I REALLY don't understand the sorting process but having been shown it around twenty times by D I'd decided I really probably could sort it by myself....maybe. It's not hard or time consuming but I do find it confusing. First you auto filter then click the column you want alphabetising and ta-da done. Easy!
Of course knowing my own "genius" prowess at this I did double check my work before I saved.

Loaded it later and OMG the blood literally drained out of my face, yes some items were correct (more luck than skill) but almost everything else was in the wrong place with the wrong details, prices, costs, weights etc. FOUR MONTHS OF INPUTTING IMPORTANT DATA GONE AND NO HOPE TO RE-DO IT. Apparently I'd clicked the whole column rather than the column header??? I'm sorry but D should have totally idiot proofed this method if it was going to be that easy for me to destroy everything.

I'm smacking the inactive undo button screaming undo UNDO! at the top of my voice and blaming D for not having written specific instructions of how to fix something once I've tampered with it.

Let me give you a bit of background...I'm the girl who bribed my computer with doughnuts to get it to unfreeze (this did work for a bit then the computer having probably realised no doughnuts had appeared in it's disc drive promptly and perpetually died again.) I'm also the girl who threatened work's old computer with a hammer just before it committed suicide. I'm the girl who glued the disc drive shut because it kept opening and shutting for no reason, the girl who panics every time clicking backspace changes the page I'm viewing rather than deleting a word, and I'm the girl who bashes the keyboard or keeps clicking something whenever the computer takes a few seconds to load up.

So it's totally his fault for not having planned for this eventuality, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Okay so it is possibly also a lot bit my own fault but since my computer system doesn't allow loading from a previous version I'm also blaming that too. Now I'm looking to protect against future stupidity (mine) and want a new laptop, and maybe a supervisor and big red "FIX IT" button too.

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