Friday, 25 April 2014

Whose that girl...

There is someone I have been meaning to tell you all about!
Meet Quinn Ellory Rose.

Dressed in blue just to keep you all gender confused
 Born on the 28th of February 2014, a mere 14 days overdue and weighing a whopping 9lb 5oz Quinn joined our (not so little) family. She was fairly reluctant to arrive! I started off with a homebirth, ended up rushed in via ambulance due to some slight difficulties and how very overdue she was only to, many, many, many hours later be rushed in for an emergency c section.
The look on her face when she was born was very indignant, as if wondering what had taken so long!
Giant bow to help assert female gender for future reference
 She is a sweetheart, extremely good tempered both growing and feeding well. Having one baby is definitely different to having newborn triplets! Although having toddling triplets plus a newborn baby is a bit of a juggling act in itself!
The kids love her, giving her kisses and bringing her lots of chokeable toys or unsuitable foods to share, they love to shake her hand and try poke her eyes out, all out of love. And she is very patient with the whole thing too. I won't, however forget the look of disappointment on Ayla's face when she realised for the first time that Quinn wasn't a dolly and no, she couldn't pick her up.
So here we are now with 21 month old Triplets and a 8 week old baby, I might be a little bit more tired than I was, but boy am I happy!

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