Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Inedible treats!

We walked into the playroom a few days ago to the horrors of triplet teamwork.
Trouble, troublet and troublina had bashed a hole in the wall above the fireplace. They had broken through the plasterboard to the external brick wall on the extension. And they were sat eating the plaster. Eating. The. Plaster. Like it was crackers or something.
(This is not a reflection of my cooking skills)
The playroom was covered in dust, there were chalky coated handprints on the walls, floor, toys, beanbags. You name it the evidence was everywhere! 
It was clear troublet has at least some idea of what constitutes as food since he was covered in dust, but unlike the other two culprits his mouth was not also coated in chalky residue.
We scooped them out of the playroom with lots of scolding and tears, deposited them in highchairs and gave them cups of water to drink while we cleaned up alll the debris.... And there was so much debris. 
After tea we popped them back into the clean playroom, I went to feed Quinn and D was just getting himself a drink when... Oh yes they were pulling off and eating the plaster Again!
They were scolded once more (this time only trouble and troublina were at it) and sent to sit on the beanbags while we tried to figure out how to patch the hole up temporarily until we could get some supplies for a more permanent solution.
I have no idea why they enjoyed eating plaster so much, I do feed them actual tasty food at least three times a day! I'm starting to suspect our new house might actually be built from gingerbread....

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