Thursday, 17 January 2013

That was a close one

Note to self; in future do not continue to throw Ayla in the air and catch her (she likes it, honest) while walking from room to room. Door frames are much lower than the ceilings.
Yes it was a very close one today as I nearly decapitated dear sweet Ayla on the way to change her nappy.
I think I may have been daydreaming about sim-land since all they ever do to change a poopy nappy is to chuck said baby into the air, a few sparkles and Sfx later; et voila its all better.

On the subject of poop (yes we are going to sink that low) since we started weaning, the sheer nappy carnage has been frightful. Little Zarek always struggled to go and now 'rewards' me with a pooey bum at every change. Every change. Sometimes I have just re-dressed him when he refills his nappy.
I deserve hazard pay.

On a plus D has been feeling guilty!? that I seem to be doing more than him so has been volunteering to change all nappies when he is home to give me a break. I can't say I haven't bitten his hand off over this, it just takes one whiff of ripe be-hind and that child swiftly finds itself deposited into daddy's arms.
It won't last but I will definitely save my nose while I can. Seriously this eating food stuff is messy (and stenchy) on both ends.


  1. That is hilarious. Have you read about that movement where parents take their babies to the toilet (or sink) from birth? I am equal parts intrigued and creeped out by it.

  2. I have been tempted a couple of times when I see them straining, just so I don't have to do the clean up after!