Wednesday, 16 January 2013

23 weeks old already! Cripes!

I truly meant to blog regularly about our life as a family, but with so many mouths to feed and bums to change we're 23 weeks down the line and I haven't had the opportunity to share much at all.
They turn 6 months on the 19th so I'm hoping over the next few days to quickly fill in the gaps of what our life has been like with our three little handfuls. I can say for certain we have never had this much fun before. Ever.
Do I often and repeatedly get told 'you have your hands full'? Why yes, yes I do I can't seem to make it three feet without someone passing that little gem. Do I have my hands full?, yes! But the looks of pity some shoot me break my heart. Sure when we have bad days they are days straight out of hell itself. But 75% of the time at least is fantastic then 20% is simply normal or alright and only 5% is terrible, and usually someone or all of us are ill causing the nightmare situation to occur.
Both Dom and I would not pass up a minute of what we've had (although I would happily pass up remembering the c-section) and the fun and laughter would mean squat without the tears and tantrums to compare it to.
This last year has definitely been the best of my life, and it just keeps getting better!!!

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