Saturday, 11 August 2012

My first birthday as a MOM (mum of multiples)

A lovely surprise waiting for me in nicu this morning, a happy birthday card from the triplets. The staff went to a lot of effort making it for me last night. Brought on lots of happy tears to have something so personal from them. 

Had special girly birthday cuddles from Ayla and then a KFC bucket in the "living area" with my parents who had come to visit the babies.

Eternal thanks to the nicu staff.
Can't believe how much better I'm feeling now just being near them, I had no idea being separated from the babies was affecting me and Dom as much as it was thank god the nicu staff realised my breakdowns were not normal hormones but that i was in distress and struggling to manage the anaemia and coming to see the babies. They went to every effort to get us a room!
Staying in the hospital flat now is such a relief, I can finally feel myself relaxing knowing they are just eight doors away and that the walk takes mere moments and not half an hour! Feeling like I have more energy already, be gone wretched anaemia!

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