Friday, 10 February 2012

Workmen and Cat Questions

Today I was due to get my boiler fixed by a local plumbing firm - at one point I had four plumbers in the house all staring at the same boiler...
The whole time Roarke meowed, stared and generally attempted to exercise his powers of mind control.
He seemed completely uncertain as to why these four men - these four men he had allowed into his home - weren't sitting, snuggling, scratching and cuddling him.
Even worse.. they had blocked his route to the food bowls by pulling out the evil washer*

For an entire hour I was assaulted by cat question after cat question - meow this, meow that, 'why aren't they stroking me and telling me I'm awesome yet' meow.

Roarke is currently lucky that I didn't shut him in the boiler.

* When we first moved in someone, (D) didn't put the cold water pipe into the washer properly. The first time we used it the pipe shot off and sprayed cold water at the kitchen door, where incidentally Roarke was sat. The force of the water pinned him to the door. (it was really funny for us, not him)
He spent the following week jumping three feet in the air just to get past the washer to his food.


  1. Are you sure that's what he was doing? Maybe he understood exactly what was wrong with the boiler and was frustrated that the plumbers weren't listening to him.

  2. Ah, perhaps, although he's never shown any prior interest. And did keep trying to trip the plumbers up.

  3. I love cats, but for some reason, I really love to watch them get pissed off.

    Their irritation is hilarious.

  4. Poor Roarke.... I had to show him sympathy since I laughed when I read that he got squirted with water.