Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The I in iPhone is for insomnia

Our iPhone is determined to keep us awake. After twelve email notifications over twenty minutes we finally figured how to turn the darn thing on silent after which point el iPhone decided to send bright beams of light across the ceiling in the way of lightning to inform us that a new message had been received. Even after we brought the old phone back in to act as official waker-upper and relegated iPhone to the bedside draw it chose to use that opportunity to vibrate at us the news of new emails.
iPhone now sleeps downstairs at night.
iPhone sleep deprivation may also be why I fell down the stairs on Monday and have subsequently spent the last few days laid on the sofa like a turtle who can't get back up, my coccyx is NOT amused.
D being D keeps the iPhone just out of my reach and then snickers to himself when I try to get it.

Tomorrow I am supposed to take a three hour train desperately trying to buy children's inflatable swim toy or hemmarroid ring from eBay to make journey bare able.
Stupid coccyx.


  1. You really fell? I thought the comment on the last post was a joke. Feel better soon!

  2. Fell down for real - hurts like a *beep*