Thursday, 5 May 2016

Turning 30

So I'm reaching the end of my 29th year. I have one business, a very busy household and four super kids. Said kids are now ALL at nursery together for 3 glorious hours, four mornings a week and I'm rediscovering the 'me' underneath everything. I've been feeling like I do so very much "adulting" in keeping things functioning, responsible and on track that I have slightly forgotten what the not-mother-not-wife-not-business-person me is like. In between decluttering three years of baby gubbins from the loft, garage and crevices around the house. I'm discovering I feel like the exhasting hardwork side is starting to take over the sit back and enjoy it, fun stuff. To get the "fun" part back on track I figured I can add some excitement by creating 30 things I want to do before the end of my 30th year. This gives me a little over 15 months to enjoy life and have a few rewards for all the heavy duty adulting that needs doing each and every day.
In no particular order;
  1. Swim a mile in one session (we've worked this out as 64 lengths)
  2. Hire a Jacuzzi for the weekend and have a night of bubbles under the stars
  3. Go to Cosmo for dinner (All you can eat chocolate fountain!)
  4. Graffiti the Viaduct with chalk pens. (It's already covered in graffitti, at least ours will wash off!)
  5. Champagne on the golf course in the middle of the night
  6. Climb a tree (and climb back down without the assistance of the fire department)
  7. Pass my driving test
  9. Have a Spa day - (gym, swimming, sauna, jaccuzi and lunch)
  10. Have a silly string fight
  11. Go to Sundown Adventure Land.
  12. Get a Dog
  13. Kill the Ivy growing on the house - removing it all is impossible (it''s possibly the only thing holding the house up), but cutting the roots so it can no longer grow is possible
  14. Do 4k every single day (I'll accept an average)
  15. Do a new sport/hobby for at least three months.
  16. Bake a sweetie cake
  17. Take all four kids swimming (doesnt need to be all in one day)
  18. Swim in the sea
  19. Ride a horse (it's been 14 years since I last sat in the saddle)
  20. Rockclimb
  21. Go to the 2016 triplet mummy meet-up in Newcastle
I only have a few so far, but it's all things I really, really want to do! I am noticing my list becoming filled with things I dont think I can achieve in one entire year. But it's a start.

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