Sunday, 25 May 2014

Puzzle time!

I have just spent half an hour doing puzzles with my trio.

It is incredibly hard trying to teach three kids how to do four different puzzles without having pieces stolen or them getting too frustrated and upset by the difficulty level. And also hard to not make it confusing, so when I tell Gaius 'yes that's right it does go there', I can turn and see Zarek having heard me talking to Gaius desperately trying to shove his square piece into a round hole.
This means I'm constantly going "yes it goes there, no not there, this way ayla, turn it round zarek, thats not the right piece gaius"

At the start of the activity most of my inner thoughts were going "oh god they are never ever going to get this" "how long should I point out where the pieces go, when should I leave them to figure it out themselves" "how do I teach them to turn the pieces without just turning them for them" and on and on it went.
Then suddenly after much grunting at me to do it for them and my abject refusal and words of "no you do it, show me" THEY GOT IT!

We had to call daddy in to see how clever they were being so he could be proud of them, they were identifying pieces and putting them (more or less) in the right holes.

Not only have I just taught them to place and turn puzzle pieces (HALLELUJAH), but I have apparently also taught them to give themselves a round of applause when they put each piece in correctly, in fact I think that's Gaius and Ayla's favourite part! XD

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