Thursday, 29 August 2013

A full plate by a dad of triplets

As I leave the estate agents, keys in hand - the keys to our first owned home. A thought pops into my head just for a second "this is it". Six years ago, when things were pretty low, we sat down and discussed our defeat - we couldn't see children, a home of our own or any other happiness in our future. We agreed we'd always have each other (and got married to prove it). This was the turning point, we were there standing defiant to the world. The world that seemed too daunting a challenge to beat.

From that point on we have confronted those challenges head on and won in (almost) every one. And now, my plate at the carvery of life seems full...

There's the potatoes, both roasted (to perfection) and mashed that is our new home. The triplets form a bounty of vegetables on the side, one on the way is the delicious Yorkshire pud, and my university course shining its way to a brighter future is the chicken breast (as much as normal chicken breasts don't shine, this one does), my stable and enjoyable job brings the bacon that sits atop the chicken, making the whole meal better (bacon makes everything better) and of course Holly 'Red' Herring, my amazing and superlative wife, poured atop it all like a thick and wholesome gravy.

It seems like I have a lot on my plate, but this isn't "it"...

I made room for pudding

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