Wednesday, 5 June 2013

I love you sweet baby I love you sweet baby I love you more thananything

Everyday I find myself amazed by what these little people can do. Ayla is well and truly on the move rolling everywhere and getting into everything, her curiosity and determination are admirable.
Zarek has begun doing the same as ayla and now spends some time on his front (and not just rolling off it).
Gaius has FINALLY rolled over all by himself and is sitting almost completely unaided, he's just a little wobbly. 

They are at the stage where every day brings new milestones reached, new personality traits revealed.

Zarek laughs at bashing his or your own head into a soft toy and exclaiming 'bonk!'
Ayla seems to also find this rather hilarious and now blows raspberries and chatters with you while she gets dressed.
Gaius pulls ridiculous faces while trying to blow raspberries and endearingly touches your face if he wants you to look at him.

They now also make very clear noises of frustration when things don't go their way or they can't quite do whatever it is they are trying to do.

I feel continually blessed to get to see them experience the world and to watch them learn and grow.

Life is marvellous!

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