Monday, 20 May 2013

I'm a working mama!! Cripes!

One afternoon back at work and I feel very cheerful! I may have dragged my feet through the first half-hour but I then worked right up to 10pm! (Breaking to do storytime, put the kids to bed and cook and eat tea) It's been so nice getting back into the business after nearly a year and as much as I adore my trio it's also been very relaxing having some time to work, organise, sell, plan and manage things without needing to spout lots of nursery rhymes at the same time. Or trying to bounce a baby whose only intent is to delete all the things on my laptop.
I hope I'm so positive a week from now! I now do mon, tue, thurs, fri & Sunday afternoons 3:00-5:45 while dada does the childcare, yippee!!!!

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